Havells Vs Orient Fans [Full Comparison and Review 2023]

Are you planning to buy a ceiling fan but are confused which brand to go for : Havells vs Orient fans? Undoubtedly these 2 companies are one of the most reputed and famous brands of ceiling fans and electrical appliances in India. Advertisements of both of these brands can be seen on television.

We understand that buying fans is a one time process and thus we wish help you want to make sure that you make the right choice!

We have tested and compared the fans of Havells and Orient on 15+ parameters such as design, quality, warranty, pricing, and more. We have discussed our findings and recommendations in this article.

Havells Vs Orient Fans

About Orient Fans

A New Delhi-based, international manufacturer of electrical equipment, Orient Electric Limited is a member of the CK Birla Group. It manufactures switchgear, lights, appliances, and fans. Kolkata, Faridabad, and Noida all house manufacturing plants for Orient Electric. From India, it exports fans to more than 35 other countries.

Orient is a well-known brand that has been around for a while. Their merchandise is trustworthy and has a lengthy shelf life. Additionally, we have given you access to the buying guide and addressed any pertinent queries about the company and its goods. Consequently, you can choose the best option for your needs and budget.

About Havells Fans

Wires and cables, switches, lighting, fans, and appliances are just a few of the many electrical products that the well-known Indian company Havells makes. With its corporate headquarters in Noida, India, the business was established in 1958.

Havells has a sizable presence in India and conducts business there through a network of licensed dealers and distributors. Also, the business is international and exports its goods to more than 50 nations.

It is renowned for its cutting-edge goods and has received numerous accolades for the quality of its engineering and design. The business places a high priority on research and development and has made significant investments in automation and technology to raise the caliber and effectiveness of its goods.

Comparison of Orient and Havells Fans

PricingLow prices, even sometimes less than Havells.Havells fans are priced higher
QualityGood quality and has heavy fan motorBetter quality than Orient due to strict quality checks
Warranty2 years warranty Same 2 years warranty
Design Less designs and variety. Overall the number of models are less. Less designs and variety
MaintenanceLow maintenance Low maintenance
Power ConsumptionIt has a BLDC range of fans which consume less power. It also has a BLDC range of fans which consume less power.
Rating⭐⭐⭐ 3/5⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

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Havells Vs Orient Fans – Which is Better?

Overall, if you want an affordable option with heavy motor and good quality, you can choose Orient fans.

But if you are interested in a premium brand or want a designer fan, go for Havells fan without any second thought. You get a huge variety of designs to choose from.

Top Selling Havells Fans

ModelPrice RangePurchase Links
Havells Stealth AirUnder Rs 7000Check on Amazon
Havells Andria Under Rs 3000Check on Amazon
Havells EnticerUnder Rs 5000Check on Amazon


Both the brands are current FMCG leaders and provide excellent quality. But in the war of Havells vs Orient fans, the former is chosen as winner according to our research and testing. You can confidently go ahead with this brand and the models suggested above. Hope you found this article useful. Do visit techbuying for more!

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